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Scooter’s Place – A Trusted La Plata Auto Repair Shop

Auto Maintenance

Scooter’s Place can help you keep your vehicle maintained.

Auto Repair

Our specialists will properly diagnose and execute the necessary repairs.

Auto Service

Servicing cars, trucks, SUVs and vans, and more..

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle there is nothing more valuable than a trusted mechanic. An honest diagnosis of your cars needs is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. One of our core values is only recommending repairs and service that are absolutely essential in order to safely operate your vehicle. Sticking to this philosophy has allowed us to become one of the most trusted auto repair shops the area.

5 Key Traits of a Quality Auto Shop

1. Honesty
You can expect an honest diagnosis from the team at Scooter’s Place.  There are very few car problems that we haven’t seen and fixed. It’s not always easy, especially when the diagnosis isn’t good, but we have learned over the years that our customers appreciate honesty even when it’s bad news.

2. Transparency
Alongside honesty, it’s a high priority to provide our customers with transparency. After we diagnose a vehicle we will call you and walk you through what we found. We most people are not auto experts so we explain the diagnosis in an easy-to-understand manner and happily answer all follow-up questions. For visual-learners we will even bring out the old part and explain the defect.

3. Safety-focused
Your vehicles job is to transport you and your passengers safely from point A to point B. The most important word in that sentence is “safely.” Our technicians focus on making sure your vehicle safe and we will always stress the importance of fixes that will increase the safety of your car, truck, SUV or van.

4. Competitive pricing
In order to compete in this market it’s important that our pricing stacks up with that of other shops in the area. We are constantly researching innovative ways to keep our costs down so our customers can save on maintenance and repairs.

5. People-first
People come first at Scooter’s Place. Always have. Always will. There is no better feeling than helping others so we will always strive to do right by our customers.

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Scooter's Place Auto Repair and Towing
5130 Hawthorne Road La Plata , Maryland 20646

Phone: 301-753-6177

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